T-Brothers is a shipping and logistics company. But our real business is relationships. We’re big enough to tackle your toughest assignment and small enough to give a damn. That’s why we maintain a relentlessly positive culture: say yes. We know we can handle whatever you dish out — and if you’ve got a surprise for us, we’ll figure it out.

You Come First


T-Brothers is a tested, proven, nimble logistics operator that has served customers all over North America for more than 25 years. Our mastery of the intricacies of freight logistics delivers the sense of security you deserve and the freedom to grow your business.

We own trucks and trailers, retain owner-operators across the US and run a highly efficient brokerage practice to go with it. We’re not here to be the biggest freight handler, only the best.

But what really sets us apart is our attention to detail — starting with relationships. That means responsiveness, communication, devotion to your well-being, and taking the load off of you so you can concentrate on other things.

TRUST IS EARNED. Meet Our Family

When you treat everyone like family, things fall into place: you take care of them, they take care of you. Those are values we put to work when we started as a family business more than 25 years ago. You can learn a lot about where a company can take you when you see where it’s come from.


When we talk results, we’re talking trust. That’s because we’re not in the shipping business as much as the relationship business. Every day we come to work thinking about how we’re going to solve your problems to make your life easier. And you know what? We have fun doing it.

Our customers have caught that bug. That’s why they save their toughest challenges and weirdest surprises for us — because they know we can find a way to get it done.

Get to know the foundations of our customers’ success shipping with us — they’re the same foundations we were raised on a long time ago.

The personal touch is there; they take care of you like they’re your friend forever. We have such a big history. It’s not always about price, it’s the quality of the work. We have a good personal relationship with them. It’s a good partnership. I rate them really excellent.
― Vanessa Cook, Logistics Manager, Pokémon

More than 25 Years of Adventure Running with T-Brothers POKÉMON

Few people know that the Pokémon game cards are printed and packaged in South Dakota — where we have operations. Still fewer know that, just two years after the games hit the US market in 1996, T-Brothers Logistics became Pokémon’s shipping partner of choice — a relationship that continues today, more than twenty years later. Why has Pokémon stuck with us?

They’ve become sort of an invisible extension of my operations arm – almost like my staff for inter-company freight.
― Jack Prentice, Logistics Manager, Twin City Fan


Twin City Fan is a big company with unusual logistic challenges — and an example of how T-Brothers’ capabilities and creativity deliver peace of mind to situations that would fry most carriers. Twin City Fan’s manufacturing process requires it to move products and parts between facilities across a large Midwest footprint. Discover how we help them keep humming — and happy.