Roadmap: Business Advice for Owner-Operators

Get some perspective, tips, tricks, and advice on how to succeed as an Owner-Operator.
(Pro tip: think about driving with T-Brothers)

Episode 4 of our “Roadmap” series for Owner-Operators, the heart and soul of our business. We want to help you achieve success in their business — so we decided to share some insight on business issues to master to make money and win. Straight from the experts.

Episode 3 The number one challenge to success as an Owner-Operator is controlling expenses. And the number one expense is fuel. What can you gain by making small adjustments to the way you drive? The answer might astound you. Watch and learn.

Episode 2 of our Roadmap Series for Owner-Operators. Travis Thie explains the benefits of a good fuel rebate program for drivers — and how T-Brothers’ is one of the best you’ll find. Fill up on facts (and fill up on cash).

Episode 1 of our “Roadmap” series for Owner-Operators, the heart and soul of our business. We want to help all of them achieve success in their business — so we decided to share some insight on key business issues. Straight from the experts.

If A Few Videos Made A Light Come On Imagine What You'll Get Actually Running With Us

You’re a professional. We respect that because we know what that takes. Many on our team have spent years behind the wheel and feel a strong camaraderie with you and your family. And for our folks in the office, from dispatch to safety, when you’re on the job, you’re on their minds.

Our entire operation is built around Owner-Operators — so its in our interest to help you get better at the business. We're with you at every turn.

It’s no secret every trucking company out there wants you on their team. But T-Brothers might just be the place you belong. Don’t take our word for it: ask around. You can learn more about us at

Meet Kenny Clark Owner-Operator signed on with T-Bros. This guy’s been driving almost 50 years. So he’s got a few opinions about what to look for in a partner. And who doesn’t love to hear a salty dog lay down some truth?

Why is it so hard for some carriers to admit that drivers are the heart and soul of the logistics industry — and ought to be treated as well as the customer? We’ll never understand that one. . Travis Thie lays down some truth that may surpise you.

If you’re not thinking about these fundamentals to keeping yourself in the money, you’ll find your income in “park.” If not “reverse.” At T-Brothers, a lot of our folks have driven truck and bring a real appreciation of what it means to be professional behind the wheel.

One of the secrets to T-Brothers’s success is giving our drivers the power to turn us down. Think our approach to non-force dispatch isn’t real? There’s no quibbling here. Accept the loads you want, turn down the loads you don’t.  Operations manager Steve Orr spells it out.

Our program passes on 100% of the savings we’re able to nab to our Owner-Operator partners. Just one of the benefits our drivers get when they sign on with us. Does your carrier do that?Steve Orr, our Operations Manager, explains.

Kenny Clark has been driving since 1972 — that’s 50 years! Figures he’s logged 5 million miles. Has about 5 million opinions too. What does battle-tested veteran like Kenny look for in a carrier? Watch and learn, Brothers and Sisters. Watch and learn