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Why is it so hard for some carriers to admit that drivers are the heart and soul of the logistics industry? That they ought to be treated as well as the customer?

We’ll never understand that one, but as long as it’s true, we’re going to do everything we can to defy your expectations as an owner-operator. That means treating you with respect — not just in what we say, but in how we run our entire operation.

It’s not just that we run in a way that puts you in the driver’s seat. It’s that we run in a way that help you run better.

We work hard with our owner-operator partners to make them successful business people, whether that’s help with lease-to-own programs or assistance with financials, business practices, and advice so you can make a good living and get home when you want to be home.

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They’re honest. If you have a question, they’ll open the books and show you. You’re talking a level of trust you don’t find other places.
― T-Brothers Owner-Operator Partner, 16 years experience, Gainesville, Florida

For Owner-Operators We're Hiring

• Non-Force Dispatch • Quick Weekly Payment • Consistent In/Out Freight to Get You Home • Transparent, Open Communication on Bills/Payments/Admin • 24-Hour Dispatch • Humans Take Your Call • Fuel Rebate Program • People Who Understand and Respect You • Fuel Advances • In-House Mechanics



  1. Word of Mouth: Talk to the owner-operators driving for us right now.
  2. The Way We do business: Ask how we put our owner-operators front and center. We plan our success by making owner-operators successful first.
  3. Our People: Go ahead and try us. We will call you, or you can call us. But we guarantee you’re going to get a human being who might just surprise you when you get on the phone to chat.

Let us prove it you:

Shoot us your contact info and the friendliest people in the industry will give you a ring (your privacy is all good — here’s our policy).

Your Ticket to Freedom Lease to Own

When it comes to relationships, T-Bros walks the talk: we've used our financial strength to create opportunities a lot of Owner-Operators couldn't achieve on their own. Learn how our lease-to-own program can put you in the driver's seat of your own destiny. Could it be the right move for you?

It's personal. Our dispatchers know if a guy gets a load whether he’s going to love it or hate it. And they say ‘hey, we’ll get you a good one next time,’ and it’s not just words. It’s a good, old-fashioned, hardworking-family kind of vibe.
― Sol Diekemann, Safety Director, St. Paul, Minnesota


  • Non-Force Dispatch: There’s no quibbling here. Accept the loads you want, turn down the loads you don’t. We’re in the relationship business, so once we’ve worked together long enough, we’ll figure out the loads and lanes you like and try to hit those more often than not.


  • Consistent In/Out Freight to Get You Home:  We’re a family operation, so we have no interest in keeping you from yours. We want you out and back — home weekly, parked in the lounge chair, holding court over the grill, knitting a sweater, whatever floats your boat.


  • Transparent, Open Communication: No secrets. No deception. No stonewalling. No foot dragging. No worries. T-Brothers prides itself in separating ourselves from the rest of the industry with an open-door, complete transparency policy on billing, payments, and other financial issues that matter to you. We have no idea who the genius was that decided this stuff should be kept hidden from the most important part of the business, the driver, but we love putting that knucklehead to shame. Ask us a question, we will give you a clear and honest answer.


  • New and Well-Maintained Trailers:  We have an in-house mechanic that takes obsessive care of our equipment. He’s also available to work on your tractor(s) if you need the help.


  • 24-Hour Dispatch – We’re on call for you:  No matter where or when you need help or an answer to a question, the friendliest people in the industry are there for you.


  • Fuel Rebate Program:  We have negotiated deals with fuel retailers around the country and pass 100% of the savings on to you. The savings can often be significant.


  • People Who Understand and Respect You:  At the end of the day, we see things from your perspective. We have a lot of people who have driven truck and treat you the way they want to be treated. We also maintain a strong culture of positivity and service. You’ll know it when you experience it.


  • Swag: Nobody has cooler gear than we do. We’re not kidding. It’s pretty simple: when you look good, you feel good, right?

I’m IN. Let’s Talk.

They’ve kept a lot of guys. Then they’ve had guys quit and come back. A lot of times they’re spoiled, they get into a perspective that they can do better. And they can’t.
― Driver, 32 Years Experience, St. Paul, Minnesota

Lanes, Loads, Love

You’re a professional. We respect that because we know what it means. Many on our team have spent years behind the wheel and feel a strong camaraderie with you and your family. And for our folks in the office, from dispatch to safety, when you’re on the job, you’re on their minds.

That’s why we’re there at the drop of hat when you need support. We’re looking for loads that you like and making sure you get paid when you need. It’s what you do when you value family: you take care of folks.

It’s no secret every trucking company out there wants you on their team. But T-Brothers might just be the place you belong. Don’t take our word for it: ask around. Hear what drivers who let our family become part of theirs have to say.

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Spotlight Quincy Tambo

The American Dream just happens to drive for T-Bros.

Spotlight Robert Golay

A guy with this kind of wisdom makes you proud to be in the business.

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