A Combination of Super Powers You've Never Seen In One Carrier

Assets. Brokerage. Volume LTL. Elite TMS Tech. All wrapped up with a relentless devotion to relationships and communication. Discover in T-Brothers a powerhouse of chops you probably didn't imagine possible but will expect as the new norm.

Here are the specifics to how we can handle whatever you throw at us.

A Hybrid Model that combines expertise across the entire logistics eco-system.


T-Brothers is a tested, proven, nimble logistics operator that serves customers all over North America. For more than 20 years, we’ve logged hundreds of millions of miles, met the toughest assignments, and mastered the intricacies of freight logistics to help give our customers the sense of security they deserve and the freedom to grow their business. That should include you.

We own 115 tractors, 240 trailers, retain the finest owner-operators across the US, and run a highly efficient brokerage practice to go with it. Our approach to volume LTL changes the game to get your freight where it needs to go on time.

We’re not here to be the biggest freight handler, only the best. These are the resources we’ve assembled to get there — and they look different that most carriers. Have a look and then get in touch.


The thing that most impresses me about T-Brothers is their customer service. Whether it’s email, phone, texting, we’re always communicating. Most carriers you don’t hear back from them. Everybody at T-Bros is calling me and talking to me.
― Manufacturing Client, St. Paul, Minnesota

Our Equipment. Your Security. ASSETS AND TECH

Work with us and gain the security of a company that deploys its own assets to get you where you need to go every time.

We own a fleet of 115 tractors and 240 trailers, which we maintain ourselves, backed with simple, clean, state-of-the-art customer service technology that keeps you in the driver’s seat with a clear view of the status of your shipments.

Masters of the Entire 3PL Ecosystem + Leaders of Volume LTL Brokerage

A lot of shippers have never experienced the power of T-Brothers’ hybrid approach — they think carriers either run their own assets or broker out their loads. They haven’t met us. We deliver the best of both worlds to give you maximum results, maximum confidence.

Say goodbye to the burn that comes with the typical third-party logistics play. We maintain strong relationships and a strong network to deliver your freight right — without hassle.


We put customers first. That's why we deliver the most powerful, easy-to-use Transport Management Software (TMS) in the business to simplify your control of the loads we haul.

We designed and implemented the system give you secure, seamless shipment monitoring, easier access to invoices, records of delivered and billed / unbilled shipments. Best of all, you get real-time tracking at the order level via an actual live map.

Set up your dashboard the way you want. You’re always a phone call away from a live human to help you out if needed.

Find out how we keep you happy with complete commitment to your satisfaction — in our relationships, our hybrid asset-brokerage-volume LTL model, and our cutting-edge tech.

A One-Stop Shop.

  • Assets
  • Brokerage
  • Volume LTL
  • Cross-Docking
  • Warehousing
  • Robust Customer Tech
  • Unmatched Service




Discover how a full breadth of logistics capabilities —combined with human beings who actually care — makes an unbeatable manifest for success. Our customer service software is the simplest, most powerful you’ll find and keeps you in the driver’s seat. Add to that our expertise combining assets, brokerage, and volume LTL and you have a powerhouse carrier partner. Ask our long-term clients.


Main thing is customer service: when you’re in a pinch you want to know someone is going to pick up the line or get back to you. It’s when you can’t get in touch with them you start getting nervous. It’s all about the communication and customer service side — and T-Brothers communication is excellent.
― Fuels & Ag Products Customer

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