Owner-Operators: We're Hiring.

T-Brothers is a shipping and logistics company. But our real business is relationships. A lot of people count on us. So we'll do just about anything to take care of them. If you feel like you've taken a few too many wrong turns hauling freight, we just might be your quickest way home.

All my people, me included, have driven truck. We know the ins and outs of what drivers go through on a daily basis. We can relate to that. That's one of the benefits here — people who have been there.
― Steve Orr | Trucking Manager | T-Brothers Logistics

Join The Family.

  • Non-Force Dispatch
  • Quick Weekly Payment
  • Consistent In/Out Freight to Get You Home
  • Transparent, Open Communication on Bills/Payments/Admin
  • 24-Hour Dispatch
  • Humans Take Your Call
  • Fuel Rebate Program
  • People Who Understand and Respect You
  • Fuel Advances
  • In-House Mechanics


For Drivers All roads lead home.

We don't ask anything we’re not prepared to give. Respect, accountability, hard work, dependability, doing the right thing, treating you right. That's family. That's our lane. If you're an owner-operator with similar values, you’ve got a home with T-Bros.

READ ABOUT US. OR WATCH ABOUT US. Become A Better Business Owner

Watch and learn — and get to know us in our own words. We regularly post videos from our team to share insights and points of view — especially from the heart and soul of our business, the Owner-Operators who call T-Bros home.

For Owner-Operators You're In the Driver's Seat.

It’s simple: if you’re an owner-operator, when you drive with us you control where you go and what you want to do.

Better still, you can count on support, incentives, and benefits with T-Brothers that will make you feel like we’re riding shotgun.

With our non-force dispatch, you’re free to turn down a load or a lane that doesn’t work for you. And if there’s a lane or region you prefer, we're pretty good at finding loads to get you there. 

We make a point to pay you fast — often so quick you'll wonder why everyone can't do it like us.

For Shippers The heat is off.

You’ve got a lot more to worry about than just shipping your goods. So let’s take “shipping partner” off that list. T-Brothers’ combination of trucks and trailers, brokerage, veteran talent, can-do attitude and seen-everything expertise means we can handle your trickiest orders — and give you some well-deserved peace of mind. If you need an assist, want to make a change, have a tough challenge to tackle, or just prefer the hands-on dependability of a family-owned trucking operation, give us a look.

Who Are You Guys Anyway? Family is everything.

Whether you ship freight or drive it, you’re a provider. People count on you. Some of them even have the same last name as you. We get that because we live it. When you treat everyone like family, things falls into place: you take care of them, they take care of you.