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Global Agribusiness Grows with T-Brothers

Everyone knows trucking is the backbone of the logistics chain. What few like to discuss about that chain is the chain reaction that ensues if your carrier comes unhinged and doesn’t perform. For one of the largest ag supply and bulk-oil suppliers in the country, T-Brothers has been an essential link to success.

With customers spread across the entire farm belt, the Ag Supplier depends on T-Brothers for van service to small but high-value clients across the entire farm belt. Among other deliveries, T-Bros carries full vans of 55-gallon drums to this constellation of small co-operatives for loading bulk fuel oil for delivery to rural customers spread literally over millions of square miles.

Those fuel oil businesses rely on timely delivery because their own customers, always operating on razor-thin margins, incur big costs getting those drums loaded, filled, and delivered to farmers and others in their service area. If the truck doesn’t show up on time, that’s money up in smoke, time wasted, and worse — depending on the season and the weather, if could mean idle time on the farm or actual safety concerns for folks in winter.

We got it nailed. T-Brothers hauls across the entire farm belt, all the way to Texas. It’s pretty seamless.
― John D., Logistics Manager, Global Ag Supply Cooperative

In other words, T-Bros deliveries aren’t just the central part of the supply chain, they extend that chain to remote communities otherwise cut-off from the mainstream market.

“We got it nailed,” explains John D., the Supplier’s veteran Logistics Manager. “T-Brothers hauls across the entire farm belt, all the way to Texas. It’s pretty seamless.”

As a result, T-Brothers has become the exclusive van-hauler to this massive ag supply fuel drum operations.

Lastly, the customer is particularly happy with our Transport Management Software, which puts our customers in the driver’s seat when it comes to tracking and monitoring everything about a shipment, from invoices to live visual tracking, order by order.

We think you will too.

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